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Privacy Policy

At Powellwholesale.com, we respect and protect our customers' privacy when we devote ourselves to providing excellent services and jewelry with good quality. Your personal information collected to offer better service for you is handled safely and responsibly. We have instituted politics intended to ensure that they are not sold or rented to other companies. The following are details of our privacy policy.

 To avoid the loss of information due to computer virus and spy software, we use cookie to record all information in customers' computers. There is no need for costumers to worry that they can not order goods normally when cookie is restricted.

 Session is used to identify costumers and record the information of costumers' shopping cart. T Therefore, others can not get the costumers' information. Furthermore, session clears them automatically when customers log out.

How Is The Information Used?
 We may use your information in a number of ways, including the following: to institute sale and promotion plans:to send our emails or catalogs to our costumers about products..

Is The Information Shared?
 The information gathered is used only inside our company. We provide more services for our costumers with their information and strictly control our internal staff