• * One of China Biggest Stainless steel jewelry factory & Wholesaler.
  • * Over 60,000 style products
  • * MOQ:3 pcs/style and NO minimum order amount limited.
  • * Extremely low prices & Prompt Delivery 48-72 hours.
  • * Timely refunds and replacements
  • * Plenty of new designs which are in enought stocks are available every week.
  • * Paypal, Western Union,T/T accepted.
  • * Our proucts have been exported to over 100 countries all over the world. cs.rar price list-10 files-369-2018-06-21.rar cs.rar price list-16files-368-2018-06-18.rar cs.rar price list-15files-367-2018-06-15.rar price list-8 files-366-2018-06-09.rar price list-15 files-365-2018-06-06.rar price list-10 files-364-2018-06-02.rar price list-17 files-363-2018-05-26.rar price list-15 files-362-2018-05-22.rar price list-9 files-361-2018-05-20.rar price list-16 files-360-2018-05-18.rar price list-12 files-359-2018-05-08.rar price list-13 files-358-2018-04-30.rar price list-12 files-357-2018-04-28.rar price list-12 files-356-2018-04-26.rar price list-14 files-355-2018-04-24.rar price list-12 files-354-2018-04-20.rar price list-13 files-353-2018-04-17.rar price list-12 files-352-2018-04-13.rar price list-11 files-351-2018-04-10.rar price list-15 files-350-2018-03-29.rar price list-11 files-349-2018-03-28.rar price list-13 files-348-2018-03-23.rar price list-13 files-347-2018-03-22.rar price list-9 files-346-2018-03-16.rar price list-14 files-345-2018-03-15.rar price list-14 files-344-2018-03-12.rar price list-14 files-343-2018-03-11.rar price list-11 files-342-2018-03-11.rar price list-15 files-340-2018-03-06.rar price list-15 files-340-2018-03-05.rar price list-14 files-339-2018-02-28.rar price list-17 files-338-2018-02-28.rar price list-22 files-337-2018-01-22.rar price list-17 files-336-2018-01-20.rar price list-11 files-335-2018-01-18.rar price list-16 files-334-2018-01-17.rar price list-13 files-333-2018-01-16.rar price list-21 files-332-2018-01-15.rar price list-22 files-331-2018-01-02.rar price list-23 files-330-2017-12-28.rar price list-17 files-329-2017-12-27.rar price list-23 files-328-2017-12-26.rar price list-13 files-327-2017-12-25.rar price list-14 files-326-2017-12-19.rar price list-18 files-325-2017-12-18.rar price list-18 files-324-2017-12-12.rar price list-24 files-323-2017-12-11.rar price list-19 files-322-2017-12-07.rar price list-17 files-321-2017-12-05.rar price list-17 files-320-2017-12-04.rar price list-18 files-319-2017-11-29.rar price list-18 files-318-2017-11-27.rar price list-16 files-317-2017-11-25.rar price list-24 files-316-2017-11-24.rar price list-20 files-315-2017-11-21.rar price list-14 files-314-2017-11-20.rar price list-26 files-313-2017-11-17.rar price list-11 files-312-2017-11-10.rar price list-14 files-311-2017-11-09.rar price list-28 files-310-2017-11-04.rar price list-19 files-309-2017-10-30.rar price list-16 files-308-2017-10-26.rar